Cubs likely to extend Tim Wilken’s contract

In a move that will surely anger even more people, Tom Ricketts will sit down with Tim Wilken in a couple weeks to discuss the state of the system and Wilken’s contract status. In other words, Ricketts is very likely to extend Wilken’s contract. I’ve not been too pleased with Wilken, but one thing we have to consider is the lack of money the organization has given him to spend. Considering how highly he’s thought of in the business, most close to the situation figured there wasn’t much chance Wilken would be gone. A lot of people think he’s one of the best scouting directors in the game. Levine sheds a little light on the contract for Fleita and probably to the one Wilken will receive.

Like Fleita, Wilken will have a number of teams interested in his services. If the Cubs decide to make a further commitment to Wilken, the next general manager will have two vital positions in place when he takes over. There will, however, be some flexibility for Ricketts and his next general manager to make changes to those spots in the near future. Fleita’s deal (and a possible one for Wilkens) will be structured creatively with buyouts and options to benefit both the team and the executives.

Makes sense. Levine also adds this:

It’s possible that some GM candidates may initially balk at having both a minor league director and scouting director in place. However, Ricketts is staunchly supportive of the current and future value of Fleita and Wilken in the Cubs organization.

It’s his business, his money and his investment so if he thinks they need to be a part of the organization, so be it.