Cubs to work out Yoennis Cespedes

The 26-year old Yoennis Cespedes will be playing in Major League Baseball at some point soon. Several teams are interested and the Cubs are one of them.

The Cubs will have a private workout with the 26-year-old outfielder, who is considered to be the best player in a generation to come out of Cuba. The Cubs will have plenty of competition if they decide to pursue the five-tool outfielder. The Red Sox, Phillies, Indians, Blue Jays, Pirates, Rangers, Tigers, Nationals, Athletics, Marlins and Yankees are reportedly interested in him as well, and he worked out for the Marlins front office on Thursday.

Cespedes is expected to get a deal similar to or higher than that of Aroldis Chapman ($30 million). Chapman hasn’t worked out as many hoped, but the Reds were aggressive and got a guy with a very high ceiling and it didn’t cost them as much as a player with a similar ceiling would on the free agent market. I was irritated that the Cubs didn’t pursue Chapman so I’m very excited to see the Cubs at least kicking the tires on Cespedes.

If you haven’t seen the video that made Cespedes famous, you should watch it. He’s a freak of nature.