Cubs trade Carlos Zambrano and a truckload of money to Marlins for Chris Volstad

You can follow MLB Trade Rumors for updates for now. I’ll be adding to this post, but figured we should have a new post to talk about it.

The Cubs traded Carlos Zambrano to the Marlins for Chris Volstad this evening. Zambrano has one year remaining at $18 million and an option that has no chance of vesting. One report claims the Cubs sent $17.52 million (all of the contract minus the league minimum) while another reports suggests they sent $15 million. Zambrano is projected to be worth about 1.5 WAR or $7.5 million. His surplus trade value is -$10.5 million.

Chris Volstad is not good. At all. He’s been worth 3.3 rWAR in his career and 2.3 came in his abbreviated 2008 rookie season. He has a career 4.59 ERA in a pitcher’s park. His career FIP is 4.52. CAIRO projects 114 innings, a 4.59 ERA, a 4.31 FIP and 0.0 WAR. So the Cubs get $0 in return and pay somewhere between $15 and $17.5 million.

The Cubs should have paid about $10.5 million and received Volstad. This is not a good trade. They traded a decent pitcher who obviously has issues, but they traded talent away and got nothing in return. Disappointing.

Above I used the CAIRO for Volstad, but an average for Z. Z’s CAIRO is .7 WAR so that changes things. They traded Z who is worth $3.5 million next year. His surplus trade value would be -$14.5 million and they apparently sent $15 million. Right on. Almost a perfect match after all.