Curt Schilling: ‘Members of the [Red Sox] organization’ encouraged me to use PEDs

schillingThis might become a big deal.

Curt Schilling, in a Wednesday interview on ESPN Radio, said toward the end of his tenure with the Red Sox he was encouraged to use performance-enhancing drugs by “members of the organization.”

“At the end of my career, in 2008 when I had gotten hurt, there was a conversation that I was involved in in which it was brought to my attention that this is a potential path I might want to pursue,” Schilling told Colin Cowherd.

Asked for more details, Schilling said the conversation occurred in the clubhouse and involved “former members of the organization — they’re no longer there. It was an incredibly uncomfortable conversation. Because it came up in the midst of a group of people. The other people weren’t in the conversation but they could clearly hear the conversation. And it was suggested to me that at my age and in my situation, why not? What did I have to lose? Because if I wasn’t going to get healthy, it didn’t matter. And if I did get healthy, great.

“It caught me off guard, to say the least. That was an awkward situation.”

"Former members of the organization" obviously included Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer and Jason McCleod. However, since no one involved hit home runs, this probably won't be much of a big deal. That, and because nobody gives a shit about the involvement of the front office and ownership in the PED era.

h/t to Mish

all FOs encourage their players to “ehance” their “performance” in anyway possible. if it happens to be PEDs, then so be it. it’s not explicit instructions to go out and take ‘roids,, then it’s implicitly stated just by signing the player (unless you have personally tested the guy and know for a fact that he’s clean). maybe this attitude is just a function of me assuming that all players take PEDs though.

either way, i have absolutely no problem with theo endorsing past or present PED use as long as he is/was smart about it. — EnricoPallazzo