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Mish Mash

Let's face it, half the content on this blog is just stuff Mish posts, so today is a look back at Mish's contributions to the world of Obstructed View and beyond. If you'd like to talk about baseball or even the Cubs, I'm sure there are places you can go for that kind of thing.

Cubs top prospects

ESPN's Keith Law released his top 100 prospects list  ($) yesterday, and the Cubs had three players on the list (the system ranked 20th overall). Anthony Rizzo came in at 36, recent first round pick Javier Baez came in at 95 and top prospect Brett Jackson came in at 89. That one's a real head scratcher but KLaw's ranking criteria is different from most prospect listers. He sees a problem with BJax's strikeout rate, and if he doesn't figure it out he's "just" a solid-average regular. Former Cubs prospects Hak-Ju Lee and Chris Archer came in at 12 and 63, respectively. I find ranking Lee that high to be even more ridiculous than the Brett Jackson ranking, but I've never been high on Lee.

A Tale of Two (Second) Cities

Mish linked to this free story on BP about not one but two baseball teams, both of which play in Chicago, but (we hope) they're headed in very different directions.

Jed Hoyer Interview

Jed Hoyer went on ESPN 1000 yesterday. You should take everything he says with a Milton Waddams sized grain of salt, but the main headline from the interview was that he says Soriano will more than likely start the season with the Cubs. He also left open the possibility of maybe thinking about talking in the general area of an extension or similar type contract or agreement with Matt Garza.

Thread-Hijacking Discussion Mish Recently Enjoyed

If you want to know how to post images in the comments, you should follow mb's helpful instructions to Mish in yesterday's facepalm thread.

Speaking of salary dumps

The Pirates and Yankees are apparently talking a A.J. Burnett trade, and the Yankees are willing to pay at least 2/3 of his deal to do it. Much like Blake DeWitt getting cut by the Cubs, being salary dumped to potentially clear up room for 1000 year old Raul Ibanez should be a reason to consider instant retirement.

News about Apple Mish Recently Enjoyed

He enjoyed this story. He didn't actually eat an apple. Unless . . .

Is Mish's Dad Dead?


Is there a Cubs game today?



Image Mish Recently Enjoyed

Cool Interactive Infographic Mish Recently Enjoyed

Is there Wrigley Talk Friday today?

Check it out at 1 pm CT. Link

Video Mish Recently Enjoyed

Finally, happy birthday to Mish's favorite video evar. Can't believe Mish has been debating between kicking in the back seat and sitting in the front seat for 52 Fridays, but here we are.


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