Daily Facepalm 2.15.12

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Jorge Soler a Cub, then Jorge Soler not a Cub

Reports that the Cubs had signed Jorge Soler yesterday proved to be premature. Could he be signed today? It could go either way. The Yankees have been added to the mix of interested teams, but given how this offseason has played out I'm betting on Mystery Team

Cubs transactions MB21 recently enjoyed

In the midst of yesterday's argument about whether the rumored Soler deal was worth it, we were reminded that MB does not seethe at every move the Cubs make. Let's not forget that the Sean Marshall and Andrew Cashner trades were pretty good, as well as signing Reed and DeJesus. We don't hate everything around here (laughing). Just Mish.

Is there a Cubs game today?


News in pitchers that I thought the Cubs had already signed

The Cubs are interested in bringing Ramon Ortiz back to be the eleventh starter. Honestly I thought the Cubs had already signed him, but in my defense it's easy to mix him up with Andy Sonnanstine, Ryan Rowland-Smith, Casey Coleman, and Rodrigo Lopez.

This week in stellar Chicago media

The local NBC picked up an unconfirmed rumor "from Wrigleyville" that the Cubs were maybe thinking about playing at The Cell next year during Wrigley renovations. The Cubs denied the rumor. No word on the shirt color of NBC's source. I am disappointed that this didn't come from a certain ABC morning show, or Tribune Tower.

If the Cubs do need to clear out for a season (or at least a non-trivial chunk of time) it's pretty obvious that the Cell is where they need to go. How many fans, especially STH are going to schlep up to Milwaukee for 81 games? It's not bad to do for a single Brewers series but if they're already having trouble drawing fans for Wednesday Pirates-Cubs games, how many do you think would turn up if you add an hour or so drive (if there's no traffic) with no public transportation or Wrigleyville bar scene to the mix? It would be a disaster. Not to mention that the idea the Cubs would be ready for major renovations one year from now given the number of permits/kickbacks/paperwork they'll have to get through with the city.

Woodworking products Koyie Hill wishes he recently enjoyed

I'm too dumb to figure out how to embed this video, so here's the link (Don't be so hard on yourself, Bersy)

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Cubs org meetings begin today in Mesa

Per Carrie Muskat the Cubs organizational meetings begin today. Usually these take place not long after the World Series but the org chart was a little unsettled this offseason.  Also per Muskat the Cubs are waiting with bated breath to see if they can keep Blakey.

Pitchers and Catchers report in 3 days

The official start day is Saturday. We can all get excited for 5 minutes before we realize that real baseball is still over a month away.

Fewer Noon games this year, presumably

FOX is moving many of its Saturday games to primetime, which means that there should be fewer noon starts caused by the national blackout worked into FOX's MLB deal. I'm guessing the blackout restriction is waived in these cases, because there's no way the 20+ other teams that play on Saturday nights are going to move those games.


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