Daily Facepalm – 2.17.12

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This week in Best Shape of His Life

Geovany Soto dropped 25 pounds this offseason. If you recall, he also lost a lot of weight before his breakout 07/08 seasons. If you combine this with the fact that Soto has been vastly more productive in even numbered years then he's due for something like 97 home runs this year.

In further news, Tony Campana added 12 pounds of muscle this offseason working out with Tim Buss in Arizona. So now he can use all 110 of those pounds to hit the ball out of the infield.

Carlos Zambrano talks about his departure

“I’ve always had a lot of respect for the people of Chicago,” he said. “From the fans to the front office, I want to thank them for treating me like a professional for the past 11 years. All I have for Chicago is gratitude and respect.”

I'm too lazy to look, but I'm sure Paul Sullivan is hard at work on a bitter screed on how Carlos neglected to thank the Chicago media for treating him like a professional. Because, well, they didn't.

Is There a Cubs game today?

Is there Wrigley Talk Friday today?

Check it out here at 1:00 PM CT.

Today in DFA

We should find out of Blake DeWitt is still a Chicago Cub today. It has been ten-plus days since he was designated for assignment.

Undecided decisions by deciders

There's still no update on the Theo compensation. I liked GW's suggestion from yesterday that we'll find out that the compensation will be a PBTNL, just to drag this out further.

In bonus non-decisions, there's still no ruling as to whether Braun will be suspended or not.

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