Daily Facepalm – 2.18.12, Evening Edition

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Neverending Story

Remember when we were on the 5-yard line in the Theo compensation talks? Remember when Bud Selig said he'd get involved if a decision hadn't been agreed to by sometime in November? Remember when he said the same thing about December? January? Remember two weeks ago when were told Bud would have a decision by week's end? Rememer this week when we were told the same thing? To the surprise of exactly zero people this has been delayed yet again.

At this stage, the source says, the Sox are hopeful of acquiring one quality minor-league prospect from the Cubs. They’re resigned to not getting a major leaguer from the Cubs, and acknowledge it probably won’t be one of the Cubs’ premium prospects, like a Brett Jackson or Josh Vitters. But the source says the Sox are insisting on acquiring a prospect with a legitimate chance of making it to the big leagues as a contributor.

The Red Sox expect a decision in the coming week, the source said. — Gordon Edes

I think GW said it best recently when he said he was confident that the decision would be a player to be named later.

By the way, what prospect doesn't have a legitimate chance of making it to the big leagues as a contributor? If Ryan Theriot and Darwin Barney can do it then so can anyone else. If all they want is that give them the lowest ranked prospect in the organization. Someone like Hayden Simpson who was accidentally chosen in the first round of the draft by the Cubs.

The Cubs' Way

The Cubs' Way is now a manual. This is my favorite quote:

You can't figure this thing out. — Theo Epstein

Recently DFA'd

Blake DeWitt still has a chance to compete for the 2nd base job if he decides to return to the organization. He'd just add one more mediocre 2nd basemen to the mix.

Things That Will Be A Distraction

Theo doesn't think the Starlin Castro rape allegations will be a distraction.

MESA, Ariz. — Starlin Castro should be at camp when position players are scheduled to report on Thursday, and the offseason allegations surrounding him are not expected to be a distraction, said president of baseball operations Theo Epstein.

Let's remember that the Cubs sportwriters didn't overreact to someone chatting with his friends and family on a computer. They didn't overreact to a pitcher taking batting practice and they didn't overreact to a pitcher hanging out in a park. The media will make whatever the hell they want a distraction. Thankfully for Castro he isn't alleged to have done any of the above. So Theo may be right.

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