Daily Facepalm 2.23.12, Position Players report

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Position players report to spring training today

Speaking of which, Mets manager Terry Collins is bitching yet again about players not reporting earlier than their report date. Pouliot summed it up well in the post

And that’s just not right. MLB and the MLBPA negotiated reporting deadlines for a reason, and no player should be pressured to show up early. Besides six weeks is more than enough time for a position player to get ready for the season.

At least I haven't heard any rumblings about this with the Cubs. Though I guess part of that could be that all but four players are already in camp anyway.

Is there a Cubs game today?


Bosio ♥ Volstad

Gordo wrote a piece on Chris Volstad this morning. Bosio thinks that Volstad is "a needle in a haystack" and is "a beast out there". He's looking good so far this spring. No word on whether he is in the best shape of his life.

Twitter exchange of the yesterday


The knives will be out for Soriano, but once he's gone The Shire will move on to a new target. Thoyer has to be the obvious choice.

Roy Oswalt is going somewhere today

He's making an announcement today and supposedly he's not going to the Red Sox or Rangers, who were his main suitors. The Cardinals were also in on him, but my gut actually says he's going to announce his retirement. Unless Bruce Levine's mystery third starter was Oswalt. Given the way this offseason has gone, we'll find out that he's signing with the Diamondbacks or something #mysteryteam

Cubs bunting contest bracket

Via Bruce Miles

Obstructed view bunting contest

Started here.

Jed Hoyer on Clubhouse confidential

Brett at Bleacher Nation has a good breakdown of Hoyer's appearance on the show last night. He havily implied that the Cubs will do more trading/rebuilding over the course of the season (not really news).

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