Daily Facepalm 2.29.12

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Cubs go from maybe thinking about extending Garza to thinking about extending Garza. Or possibly cloning him. It's not clear.

Hoyer (via Orange Guy):

“We have a good relationship with Matt,” GM Jed Hoyer told Comcast SportsNet. “We need more Matt Garzas. We’ll sit down to talk to him about a deal. We’re hoping to get something worked out, but you never know and we’ll keep it private when we do.”

Talkin' Bloomberg

Blogs with Balls hosted an event with Cubs Assistant GM Shiraz Rehman last night discussing the team's partnership with Bloomberg Sports for their tech needs. Brett has a good writeup at Bleacher Nation. The Cubs are putting in all of their specifications to customize it, but I'm actually kind of bothered that they're doing it through Bloomberg, which many other teams use (though obviously with their own valuation criteria). I'd rather they just hired someone to build up a system entirely of their own, but that's just the build-from-scratch programmer in me. That also would take a lot longer, and they needed this pretty quickly.

Groin news of the day

Geo has a "mild" groin injury. I hope they sit him for two weeks – position players don't need much time to prep for the season and he needs to stay healthy if the Cubs are going to win 75 games.

Is there a Cubs game today?


Old McMarmol has a farm


Dale Sveum is quicker on the uptake than Mike Quade

Also, the sky is blue.

The Cubs have no burners outside of Tony Campana, who is not a regular. Sveum said he believes some of the Cubs can "sneak steal when pitchers aren't paying attention" or when a pitcher has a slow delivery time to the plate.

It took Cuey 4 weeks to realize that the Cubs have shitty baserunners, so good on Sveumy. More:

Secondary leads (widening a lead after the pitch), and advancing from first to third on hits to the outfield are areas where Sveum hopes the Cubs can take advantage of the opponent.

Luckily baserunning is probably more coachable than defense. Or at least remind-able.

I hope you wore your yellow and blue today



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