Daily Facepalm 9.8.2012

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The Cubs beat the Pirates 12-2 for the irony alone, a day after declaring a five-run lead "piling on." But we've probably beat that dead horse enough.

Play of the Day

Brett "Ghost of Reed Johnson" Jackson didn't adjust his competitive settings to autopilot just because the Cubs had a ridiculous lead (die, dead horse, die more!). He went after this ball with a little extra furious desire due to the fact that he had allowed the Pirates' only other hit in the game (at the time) to slip past his glove in an attempt at a leaping catch at the wall. Take 2 was a bit more difficult, dangerous, and fantastic.

Is Brett Jackson ok?


Playoff Race Update

The Cubs are 4.5 games out of the 11th wild card spot. Doesn't look promising.

Is the Site Broke?