Et tu, Keith Law?

I went over to Keith Law's blog to see if he had any draft info and I couldn't look past the first article.

Candidates for demotion and promtion

So I figure Keith Law is going to rip to shreds the idea that Anthony Rizzo and/or Starlin Castro would be sent to the minor leagues based on their performance so far. Nope.

Rizzo's stat line this season is heavy on secondary skills; he's walking, and hitting for power, but not making much contact or hitting for average, with a very low BABIP (.171). For most hitters, I wouldn't be concerned with a lower-than-normal BABIP or contact rate in a small sample. In Rizzo's case, however, the Cubs appear to have altered his swing, getting his hands loaded lower and farther back than last year so that he's swinging more up through the ball, which should generate more power but would absolutely reduce contact and lead to more popups, all of which is true so far.

If Rizzo was batting .300/.315/.350 this paragraph doesn't get written, but since his average is so low, and god forbid a player's stats be heavy on secondary skills, this is apparently a big deal.

To Law's credit, he does say this at the start of the article, but I'm not sure it makes up for the other part.

Neither guy is lighting the league on fire, but threatening them with a demotion to the minors seems a little draconian, and maybe a sign that the manager's a little in over his head.