Fukudome —————-> Indians (UPDATED)

Multiple reports claim that the Cubs are close to sending Kosuke Fukudome to the Cleveland Indians for two prospects (according to Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Paul Hoynes, it’s an upper level and lower level prospect, one a pitcher and another a position player. The Cubs well send cash to cover most if not all of Fukudome’s salary.

Supposedly Fukudome has waived his NTC for the deal. Good for him – why would he want to stick around? He still gets paid, and he gets another shot at the playoffs.

I’m glad the Cubs sent money along, because they need prospects more than they need money right now.

More details as the deal develops.

Update 1:

The Indians are paying $775,00 of Fukudome’s remaining salary, so the Cubs are sending around $4m.

Apparently “upper level” meant AAA, not upper level in prospect quality.

Update 2:

The Hobbitton Press says that the prospects are AAA RH RP Carlton Smith and A OF Abner Abreu. Neither of them are ranked in BA’s top 30 Indians prospects, so it’s not much. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made it into the Cubs pathetic rankings though (dying laughing), at least for the next 3 weeks before the draft signings are announced and they get knocked out again.

h/t Mish