Garza Wants $10.225M, Cubs Offering $7.95M

Suddenly this afternoon, Jon Heyman’s Twitter feed was full of figures reflecting various arbitration-eligible players’ salary requests and their teams’ starting offers.

The teams will have until sometime in early to mid-February to come to agreements and avoid the actual arbitration hearing.  The arbitration cases can take place anywhere from February 1 to February 21 and a settlement can be agreed upon at any time before the hearing starts. Once the hearing starts, the arbitrators decide if the player gets the full amount he desires, or only the amount the team has offered. There is no middle ground once the arbitration case begins.

So let the negotiating begin!

Right now, the only figures relating to the Cubs are those of Matt Garza.  He submitted a salary of $10.225 million and the Cubs submitted a figure of $7.95 million.  That’s is not terribly far apart, so I expect something will get done.

In years’ past, we knew Hendry hated going to arbitration with players, and to the best of my memory only did so with Ryan Theriot.  At this point, I have no idea what the histories of Theo or Hoyer are in regards to arbitration hearings for their players.  I’ll have to look into that.

What makes me confident is that Clayton Kershaw submitted a figure of $10 million and the Dodgers submitted $6.5 million. Now, I love Matt Garza’s abilities, but he is no Clayton Kershaw and the best Kershaw can do is less than Garza’s request.

Here are the rest of Heyman’s tweets as of this writing:




Carrie Muskat tweets many arb-eligible Cubs have agreed to terms:

DeWitt signed for $1.1 million; Soto $4.3 million; Stewart $2.237 mill; Baker $1.375 mill; Wells $2.705; Volstad $2.655 million.


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