Getting to Know: Andrew Cashner

Name: Andrew Cashner 

Position: Starting Pitcher

Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Opening Day age: 24

Uniform Number:  48

Does he celebrate on September 11th every year?: Well, it IS his birthday, so I would imagine so.  Wouldn’t you?

Where Does He Rank Among National League Fifth Starters?: 9th

The good news is that Beyond the Box Score has him rated above every other 5th starter in the NL Central except Mike Leake of the Reds (5th). Cashner comes in ahead of Chris Narveson in Milwaukee (10th), Kyle McClellan in St. Louis (11th), Charlie Morton in Pittsburgh (14th) and Nelson Figueroa in Houston (15th).

The bad news is that he comes in behind Tom Gorzellany, but just barely.


Steamer 80 69 33 7 4.12 3.95
Oliver 70.0 59 33 6 3.94 4.04
ZiPS 68.0 59 34 6 3.84 4.11
Marcel 52.0 46 22 6 4.24 4.25
Fans 125.0 113 60 15 4.06 4.44
CAIRO 56.6 48 26 6 4.44 4.47
Guru 54.5 47 25 7 4.62 4.52
PECOTA 78.6 60 45 8 4.75 4.71
CBS 54.1 50 30 8 4.81 4.94
RotoChamp 54.0 50 30 8 4.43 5.04
Average 69 60 34 8 4.33 4.45

He’s kind of all over the place in the projections, so it’s hard to know what to make of them.  PECOTA doesn’t seem to like him much and the Fantasy sites seem to really dislike him, but if he can even match the lower projections here, I’d have to think we couldn’t be totally disappointed in him.’s Most similar pitcher: Not enough data.

Why We Might Like Him:

  • He’s the Cubs’ first round draft pick from 2008, so we assume he has some skills

  • He produced a combined 2.79 ERA in the minors since 2008, including three dominant starts in AAA before he got called to the majors

  • His presence on the roster means an absence of Carlos Silva

Why We Might Hate Him:

  • He is a rookie and he is going to make rookie mistakes.  Cubs fans don’t like rookie mistakes.

  • He walks a few too many people to make us comfortable.  Those walks on windy days at Wrigley will haunt him.

  • This may only be me, but I’m already tired of people referring to him as Ca$hner or simply $ner.

If You Rearrange the Letters in His Name You Get: A NEW NERD CRASH

What Cubs Blogosphere Thinks of Him:

Cubs f/x

I keep reading about Andrew Cashner being a ground ball pitcher. In the sense that every pro pitcher is a ground ball pitcher, it is true. He’s been just average at each professional level, for the league (non age-adjusted).

Bleed Cubbie Blue

Cashner was being groomed for the rotation throughout his minor league tenure — he made only four relief appearances and 39 starts before being called up last May to the major league bullpen. Outside of two major meltdowns when he allowed six runs in an inning or less, he was quite solid in relief.


Cashner was a starter almost exclusively in the minors (39 starts in 43 minor league games) so it’s not foreign to him.  Though strict pitch counts in the minors left him with a crazy stat line.  He went 10-7 with a 2.79 ERA in those 39 starts.  Seventeen decisions in 39 starts with a sub 3.00 ERA?

Goat Riders of the Apocalypse

I could see Cashner opening the season as the fourth or fifth starter for the Cubs, and to be honest, I’m rooting for that. Then again, if the Cubs have issues getting the ball to Carlos Marmol, Cashner’s presence in the bullpen might become a necessity, and I would completely understand.