Getting to Know: David DeJesus

Name: David DeJesus

Position: Right Field

Batting Order Position: 1st? 2nd?

Bats/Throws: Left/Left

Opening Day Age: 32

Uniform Number: Well, 9 (KC) is currently taken by Blake DeWitt and 12 (Oakland) is Alfonso Soriano. Maybe 12 will free up soon?

Is David DeJesus on Twitter?: Yes he is.  Go ahead and give him a follow at @spideysabeast12. 

UPDATE: Looks like he changed his handle to @David_DeJesus3. If you already followed the Spidey one, it carries over, but now that link is dead.

Is his wife on Twitter?: Yes she is, and she is very excited about her hubby becoming a Cub:

I was born a cubs fan, and now im married to one!!!!!! :) COULDNT BE MORE EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOO CUBBIES!!!!!!!!!!

She can be found (on Twitter) at @KimDeJesus12

What the hell is this “Spidey” stuff?: According to his wife, Spidey is the nickname for their 18-month old son that David gave to him while she was pregnant.  (You won’t get this kind of critical information at BCB, folks.)

Is his wife hot? Um…. yeah. She is objectively pretty hot. Now you’re definitely clicking on that Twitter link, aren’t you?

Kimmy_DeJesus’s Most Similar Batter: Marlon Byrd (weird, huh?)

Why we might like him: 

  • He knows how to take a walk.
  • He knows how to run the bases without making stupid outs all the damn time.
  • He knows how to catch and throw the ball without allowing the other team extra outs all the damn time.

Why we might hate him:

  • This probably means that Tyler Colvin’s time in Chicago is coming to an end. (While I don’t think that is a bad thing, I’m not looking forward to the teeth gnashing.)
  • He doesn’t hit for a heck of a lot of power and he’s reportedly going to be a corner outfielder, so that isn’t going to sit well with many fans.

If you rearrange the letters in his name you get: “DEAD SUDS JIVE”

What Cubs Blogosphere Thinks of Him:

Another allure? I get to say “Nobody F’s with the DeJesus” over and over again this year. I can’t wait until the first Enhanced Box Score where DeJesus has a good game… On the balance, it’s a solid move. Not earth-moving, but a good first step. I suspect it’s but one piece of a large, very exciting puzzle.

It’s not that I’m advocating bringing back Fukudome, for one he’s three years older, but it’s hard to see where this improves the team much from the last few years and when you’re at the bottom looking up, that should be the goal. But since this is just move #1 of what I presume to be quite a few more before the offseason ends, we’ll have to reserve some of the judgement on this to a later date. For one, they could be planning to trade Byrd and replacing him with DeJesus and I think that’s a bit of an upgrade. Soriano might be on his way out as well and you do need someone to play these outfield positions. Plus you have to save money somewhere if they do plan to make a run at Fielder or Pujols.

DeJesus will be 32 years old for the 2012 season and is coming off a down year in Oakland where he hit 240/323/376 (309 wOBA) on the year. In his seven seasons in Kansas City, DeJesus put up a line of 289/360/426 (342 wOBA), which looks better but is still only slightly above average for a corner outfielder. In fact, those numbers look awfully similar to a former red headed Cub left fielder that went on to have success in Japan this past season.


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