Getting to Know: Ian Stewart

Name: Ian StewartIan_Stewart_black_away_1

Position: Third Base (probably)

Batting Order Position: I’d put him no higher than 7th, but we’ll see.

Bats/Throws: Left/Right

Opening Day Age: 27 (It will be his birthday!)

Uniform Number: His most recent 9 is currently taken by Blake DeWitt and his original 24 is Marlon Byrd. I’m thinking he’ll be picking a new number.

Is Ian Stewart on Twitter?: Yes he is.  Probably. It isn’t a Twitter-verified account, but it looks pretty legit. Go ahead and give him a follow at @IAN_STEWART_9.

Is his wife on Twitter?: It doesn’t appear so.  Kim DeJesus is alone in fending off the creepers at this point.

Did he marry the daughter of his minor league coach?: Yes he did.  When he was playing in Asheville, North Carolina he asked permission of his manager, Joe Mikulik, to take his daughter out for ice cream.  They are now married with a daughter.  Sorry, girls.

Is that the cutest thing you’ve ever heard? I think it just might be.’s Most Similar Batter: Bill Sudakis’s Most Similar Batter We Give a Damn About: Casey McGehee

Why we might like him:

  • He’s been a useful hitter in the past, batting .246/.334/.454/.788 from 2008 to 2010.
  • He has more power than Blake DeWitt and the now-departed D.J. Lemahieu
  • According to Wikipedia, he is a very generous autograph giver

Why we might hate him:

  • Tyler Colvin had a following that thought he was good, so he’ll have unreasonable expectations foisted on him from the start
  • He was awful last year. He was worth -1.2 WAR, which is Aaron Miles-esque.
  • He’s another guy who’ll never have a good batting average so people will undoubtedly focus on that.

If you rearrange the letters in his name you get: “TAINT WARES”

What Cubs Blogosphere Thinks of Him:

What I question is whether Stewart should be handed the Cubs’ starting third base job in 2012, to the exclusion of other possible candidates. Based on what the Cubs gave up to get him, it seems like he will. He’s coming off a lost year in 2011 and a wrist injury, and many scouts – Kevin Goldstein, among them – simply don’t believe he’s a big league regular. And, he’s scheduled to make some $2.5 million in 2012 (with two more arbitration years thereafter). He was at risk for being non-tendered on Monday, but apparently the Cubs felt they couldn’t risk another team swooping in and taking him.Another allure? I get to say “Nobody F’s with the DeJesus” over and over again this year. I can’t wait until the first Enhanced Box Score where DeJesus has a good game… On the balance, it’s a solid move. Not earth-moving, but a good first step. I suspect it’s but one piece of a large, very exciting puzzle.

do any ian stewart fans have anything to say about the guy that doesn’t involve a number? …especially since the AAA ones seem to be the only useful ones unless you want to project power and ignore what showed up last year. what is so nice about his plate approach? the only good thing about this deal is it costs next to nothing both in what was given up and what’s being paid…it also leaves dewitt/baker as the main 3rd base backup. well, it’s good he can actually field 3rd…that’s a good start over a guy like c.mcgehehehehe at least. i know the guy’s minor league numbers looks like a bunch of shiny dimes or some crap, but what about that guy swinging a bat looks like upside to anyone?

Stewart is a good glove third baseman who has had trouble making enough contract. He’s more of a Theo Epstein player as he strikes out and walks a ton. He hasn’t been helped much by Coors Field throughout his career.


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