Gordo claims Jeff Samardzija extension is unlikely

Gordon Whittenmeyer has an article up that claims the Cubs and Jeff Samardzija are quite far apart on a possible contract extension. He says that getting one done this offseason, or ever with the Cubs, seems unlikely at this point. He also claims the Cubs would trade him by the deadline or even this offseason without an extension.

That would be trying to sign Opening Day starter Jeff Samardzija to a multiyear extension. Without it, the arbitration-eligible pitcher is certain to be dealt by the trading deadline next summer — if not shopped this winter.

Sources say an extension looks like a long shot at this point, with neither side confident a sizable gap in their thinking can be closed when talks restart in earnest this winter.

Samardzija, 28, has said repeatedly that sheer dollars will not be the primary factor for a guy who already has made more than $17 million in his career. But neither side anticipates a hometown discount, either, and Samardzija has said — and shown — he’s confident enough to go year to year and test his value as a free agent after the 2015 season.

That would force the Cubs to trade him in the next eight months before his trade value drops dramatically in his final year of club control.

The wild card in the process goes back to what Dempster talked about.

Samardzija, a Notre Dame football star who didn’t get his national championship there, wants to win. Big. And soon.

Well, if Samardzija wants to win, his best bet is going to be pitching great next year and refusing to talk extension. At that point, the Cubs would more than likely move him to a contender.

If you’re wondering what kind of contract Samardzija should get based on projections, I took a look at that back in July. It hasn’t changed much since. A Jeff Samardzija contract extension.