Hoyer and McLeod to Cubs officially official?

Jed Hoyer is expected to be named the new GM of the Cubs sometime next week. Jason McLeod will presumably become the Assistant GM. I won’t tell you about the post I had ready to publish before the Theo news broke this evening other than I didn’t really believe the Hoyer to Cubs speculation. The twitters even say that the Padres have a short of agreed upon prospects for the Padres to choose from as compensation for Hoyer and McLeod. Theo won’t be named President of Baseball Ops until Tuesday so we get another press conference that same day or it may wait until after the World Series.

In mid-August the Cubs front office consisted of a traditional baseball guy in Jim Hendry who reported to the owner. In mid-October the Cubs front office consists of the best GM in the game running the baseball operations with two additional trusted and bright executives in the GM and assistant GM roles. That’s a tremendous difference. It’s the kind of difference I’ve wanted to see from this organization for a very long time. This is the equivalent of a front office fire sale.

Well done, Mr. Ricketts. Very well done.