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Ian Stewart

Ian Stewart laughing all the way to the bank

So you probably know, Ian Stewart isn't very good at twitter. That's putting it mildly. The guy is an idiot. Everybody complains about their employer, but most people do so to their friends and family. They also complain frequently to coworkers who also feel the same as you. As it turns out, people like to complain and Ian Stewart is only different because he wasn't bright enough to realize the ways in which you should complain: in a way that allows you to say you never said such things. I promise. I promise.

Everybody knows this. Everybody except Ian Stewart.

Now that we've gotten out of the way what a terrible, no-good human piece of shit that Ian Stewart is. I don't actually think that, but according to twitter, lots of people think that way. Oh well. People complain. People complain about people complaining.

Now I'm complaining about people complaining about people complaining. Good times.

The issue isn't about what Ian Stewart wrote on twitter, in my opinion. The issue is that he is even wearing a uniform that is in any way associated with the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs chose to seek a $2 million agreement with Ian Stewart this offseason. They could have paid him nothing. Then in spring training when Ian Stewart was injured and unable to play, the Cubs could have released him and paid only a fraction of the money owed. They did not.

They paid Ian Stewart $2 million to be Ian Stewart.

This isn't the end of the world and it's really not even worth complaining about. Except in response to people complaining about complaining, that is. Then it is more than appropriate.

The Cubs signed a bad player for $2 million and got bad results. I don't feel bad for Ian Stewart and I sure as shit don't feel bad for the Cubs. They had a chance to be rid of Stewart twice and chose not to.

That being said, I'd much rather the Cubs make mistakes in signing players to these small contracts than absurdly large ones. It's much easier to swallow and a hell of a lot leasier to move on from.

But that does not mean we should not criticize the front office when they make a poor signing. This was one of them. It was one at the time and to nobody's surprise, it ended up being as bad as it looked.