Javier Baez OK after leaving yesterday's game

Javier Baez hit a grounder to shortstop yesterday and landed awkwardly on 1st base. He left the game and we were told by Hawk and Stone it could be career altering. They're full of shit and it's good to hear Baez is doing OK with just a bruise to his heel

“It’s happened before,” Baez said Saturday. “I can’t wear [metal] cleats. I reached for the bag and I felt it a little bit on my heel. I could’ve kept playing but it was my last at-bat anyways so they took me out of the game.”

“If I wear cleats, I just have to cut the back cleat and I’ll be all right,” Baez said. “When I hit the ground hard with all my weight, it hurts.”

He said his shoe “pinched” his heel but the pain was gone quickly.

“It bothered me for a couple minutes and it was gone,” he said. “It’s happened before.”

It's doubtful he'll be playing today, but it has nothing to do with his health. We can still look forward to the day he's called up, which will hopefully be early in the season because this team is going to suck to watch.