Kerry Wood wants Sammy Sosa to return to Cubs

The Cubs celebrated Kerry Wood's career prior to the game today and Wood had a few interesting things to say. Wood wants to be a part of the team in the future, but wants to take an active part in some aspect of the team.

“We’ve kicked some ideas around, (I’ve) met with and talked to Theo about it,” Wood said about a possible role with the Cubs. “We’re all kinda on the same page and I’m sure we’ll get something done soon and work out all the details. (I) definitely want to be around and definitely want to be involved. In what aspect, we’ll figure that out probably this winter.”

He also wants some other former Cubs to return.

“Hopefully we’ll get Ryno back,” Wood said of Ryne Sandberg, who spent this past season managing the Philadelphia Phillies Triple-A affiliate. “Actually, it wouldn’t be bad thing to see Sammy (Sosa) come around too. He did a lot for this organization and a lot for this city. It’d be a shame for him not to come back.”

It would certainly be nice to see Sammy be welcomed back to the city and the team. Wood had more to say about Sosa.

Hearing Wood mention Sosa was a bit of a surprise as Sosa’s tenure with the Cubs ended on bad terms. After a late season collapse left the Cubs out of the playoff chase on the last game of the 2004 season, Sosa added to the negative atmosphere by leaving Wrigley Field before the end of that final game. Sosa was traded that offseason to the Baltimore Orioles and hasn’t been associated with the Cubs organization since.

But Wood is apparently attempting to start a movement to have the team and the city get past those bad feelings.

“Certain things ended certain ways, but it’s a new group of people here,” Wood said. “It’s a new ownership, it’s a new attitude, it’d be a shame to not have those guys be a part of it. Sammy and (Mark) McGwire pretty much single-handedly brought the fans back to baseball. Sammy did tremendous things for this city. We all know how he left and how it ended with him. But ultimately, that one mistake that he made at the end shouldn’t determine his future here in Chicago.”

Let's hope Theo reaches out to Sosa and attempt to bring him back in some capacity. Even showing up in spring training would be a nice first step.