Kevin Millar Can Die in a Fire

kevin-millarI happened to be driving in the car when Kevin Millar went on the Waddle and Silvy Show on ESPN 1000 so I heard this live and I was pissed as hell I wasn’t able to transcribe any of it because I was screaming at my radio by the end of it.  Thankfully, Paul Sullivan took the trouble of doing it for me.  Millar got asked what he thought the difference would be under Quade instead of Lou Piniella:

“I didn’t get a chance to play with Lou but I mean, there definitely was something missing, OK,” he told ESPN’s “Waddle and Silvy Show.” ”You have to have more organization and know who is going in the game that day. Listen, I played 12 years in the big leagues, and I sat there for 9 innings in a spring training game and didn’t know if I was playing or not playing. There’s just common courtesy to use an example personally.

“You know, hey listen you’re going in the 5th inning after Derek Lee, OK perfect. So you know to go get loose in the 4th or whatever it is. It’s little things like that. The line ups were a big issue. I’ll tell you right now, Mike Quade is a baseball guy the first thing speaking with (Ryan) Dempster he loves this guy. It’s a different feel. Nothing against Lou Piniella, he managed a lot of years and you get to the point where you don’t think about those things but it was a little frustrating from the player’s side period. That there were no line ups, Lou didn’t know who was playing, and who was going in and it gets old.  So then what happens is you get guys in bad moods and then what happens is you’re kind of like whatever.  That’s the way the Cubs kind of played to an extent.”

If I could have reached through my radio and strangled Millar, I would be wanted for murder right now.

Really, Kevin?  The fact that a manager expected a major league ballplayer to be ready to play in any game in any situation at all times was the problem?  Really?  You mean John Grabow might have not thrown as many meatballs to the plate if Lou had stuck a Post-It to his forehead as he slept alerting him that he would definitely go in the game that day?

Maybe Ryan Theriot would have drawn more than one walk in the entire month of May if he had received a text to his phone telling him he was starting at second base tomorrow.

Maybe Lou needed to sew the names of Justin Berg, James Russell, and Jeff Stevens into their underwear so they could tell the difference between each other and they would have known better who Lou was telling to throw a fucking strike.

Asked if Piniella was simply “old school,” Millar replied: “I don’t buy the old school stuff. I’m not falling for that. That’s the banana in the tail pipe, the whole old school, listen… adjust to the times, right? There’s no old school, this is a new generation. The line ups not being out, that was old school? You know. So, I’m not falling for that, you don’t get that leeway with me.”

You’re not giving Lou Piniella leeway?  You talentless, hick asshat.  Lou Piniella could have his head chopped off and he would still have twice as many brains as Kevin Millar.  Lou may or may not ever even read these comments from Millar, and if he does, he likely could not give two shits, but there is no way on God’s green earth that Kevin fucking Millar should ever be criticizing Lou Piniella’s choice of pizza toppings, much less managerial aptitude.

I guess I understand Millar not being a fan of “old school” ways since he apparently has an aversion to anything involving school in any way.

Kevin, I’ll tell you what should have been obvious to anyone not named Kevin Millar.  No matter when the lineup card was available, whether it was three days before or thirty seconds before it got handed to the umpires, you shouldn’t have been listed on it.


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