Let’s Distract Ourselves From Child Molestation at Penn State With Some Cubs Stuff

It is hard to follow a post where we interview Bill James, since not much we can do here will amount to much more than a fraction of what Bill James has accomplished, but we can’t just rest on our laurels and live off that glory forever.  We will not stand idly by while the Interview with Bill James becomes the “Come on Eileen” of blog posts.

So we come down to where to go next.  The Cubs still don’t have a manager and there hasn’t been a ton of real activity in the Hot Stove League to get excited about.  Meanwhile, the sports airwaves and internets are filled with stories that all end up coming back around to the act of anal raping of children, so that is just depressing and sickening.

So let’s just see what is going on in Cubs World and try to pry our minds away from the clusterfuck that is going on at Penn State, shall we?

  • Mike Maddux interviewed for the managerial position and immediately became a favorite of mine for the job when he channeled the Zucker brothers: 


While I can’t find that exact scene anywhere, this one is also funny.


  • Phil Rogers is raising our hopes that the Cubs could pursue Cuban prospect, Yoenis Cespedes.  


Hopefully Theo and Jed are of like minds.


  • Cubs convention passes went on sale today, and as of this writing are still available.  Up until last year, these passes sold out in a matte of minutes, but we know that last year they never sold out. But surely the hiring of Theo and the Superfriends has shown the fans that the Ricketts are serious about winning, right?

So there you go.  Hopefully, some random nuggets interspersed with hilarious Airplane moments is enough to get our minds off a creepy old man preying on children.


Damn it!


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