Matt Garza Trade Talks Heating Up

Various reports are suggesting the Cubs discussions about Matt Garza are heating up. I’m not sure that’s really news. I would assume trade discussions for just about anybody on the Cubs is heating up. If it ever cooled down in the first place. Apparently the Blue Jays, Yankees and Red Sox are interested though the Blue Jays are showing the most interest. The Cubs reportedly want a great deal in return and are targeting pitchers.

5:12pm: The Cubs and Blue Jays continue to discuss a Garza deal, Jim Bowden of MLB Network Radio and tweets.  The Cubs seem to be prioritizing young starting pitching in talks about Garza, tweets Jon Heyman of One executive told Heyman that the Yankees and Blue Jays have what it takes to acquire Garza.

12:53pm: Trade talks for Cubs starter Matt Garza are heating up, writes David Kaplan of Comcast Sportsnet Chicago.  Kaplan says the Blue Jays, Yankees, and Red Sox are involved, but the Cubs’ asking price is “incredibly high.”

Snyds01 had a comment in the last thread worth reposting here.

They mention that all three pitchers have 4 control years left, and I am sure there is a value designated to those years, and Garza has 2.

Gonzalez and an organizational filler pitcher (24y/o in A+) got the A’s the Nat’s 3,4 and 9 (#72 on 2011 top 100) prospects and a major league bullpen arm (first season).

Latos got the Pads the Reds 3 (#73 on 2011 top 100),4 and 10 prospects as well as a major league starter who was worth -1.0 WAR last year.

Cahill and a major league reliever (Breslow) got the A’s the D-backs 4th prospect (#33 on 2011 top 100) a first year reliever and a first year RF.

So what does this equate to as a good package for Garza based on what has been paid for Latos, Cahill and Gonzalez? To me it appears a top 100 prospect and a player with about one year of service time is a good place to start.

I think it’s safe to say that Garza is worth half of what Gonzalez and Latos have been worth. I hope the Cubs can get more in return, but I wouldn’t expect it. It sounds as if they’re asking for that much, but asking and receiving are two different things.