Matt Garza trade to the Rangers nearly complete? ***UPDATED***

Of course there's a mystery team involved at this point. There always is. However, Jim Bowden claims the Cubs and Rangers will get a trade done and, unfortunately, Neil Ramirez will be the "center piece" of the trade for Matt Garza.

I'm not expecting the Cubs to get nearly as much as some are, but if this is the best guy the Cubs get in return, they got screwed. No point in overreacting at this point. I find it hard to believe he'll be the best they get. 

UPDATE 1: looks like the trade may have hit a snag after medical records were exchanged.

6:41pm: The prospective swap of Garza to Rangers has “hit a snag” and is no longer a certainty, tweets Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports. He says that the Cubs are looking to alternative trade partners while continuing to work things out with Texas.>

Guess we’ll see.