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We’ve talked a bit about compensation for Theo Epstein here and it’s been discussed a lot all over the internet. I thought it would be interesting to compare what the Marlins gave up for Ozzie Guillen to what the Cubs might have to give up. The Marlins sent the White Sox as compensation for hiring Guillen Jhan Marinez and Osvaldo Martinez. Marinez, a RHP, was the 4th ranked prospect in the Marlins organization according to Baseball America.

Marinez turned 23 years old in August and is a hard throwing late inning reliever who sits 92-95 and tops out at 98. Baseball America said that he has been resistant to coaching in previous years, but that changed in 2011. He had a solid season at AA this year and pitched 2.2 innings at the big league level in 2010. He walks a lot and strikes a lot of guys out. He probably fell a bit this year, but probably not by much.

Osvaldo Martinez turned 23 in May. He’s had big league action in each of 2010 and 2011 and owns a career .258/.300/.348 line in only 71 plate appearances. He hit very poorly in his first taste of AAA this season and undoubtedly fell quite a lot. Probably even out of the top 10.

Both players fell a bit in their rankings and were top 5 prospects entering the season. Josh Vitters was ranked 5th overall and fell a lot too. He should be out of the top 10, probably should have been entering the season. He’s very comparable to Martinez though Vitters has much more potential.

Unfortunately for the Cubs, they don’t really have anyone that matches Marinez. Chris Carpenter would be the closest, but he probably fell out of the top 10.

So I think Brett Jackson or Trey McNutt are out of reach. Matt Szczur was the 7th ranked prospect and he had a pretty good season overall. Depending on how crazy Baseball America gets with recent draft picks, Szczur could find himself in a similar spot next year. Szczur and Jackson were the only Cubs in a full season league ranked in the top 20. I’m going to assume neither will be traded.

I think Josh Vitters and Chris Carpenter make a lot of sense if we’re using the Guillen trade as an example.


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