Muskat: Cubs poised to name Rick Renteria next manager

From Muskat:

Theo Epstein hired Dale Sveum to help establish the Cubs Way, and now he's picked Rick Renteria to take the team to the next level.

On Thursday, the Cubs will introduce Renteria as their 53rd manager and fourth in the last five years, according to a Major League source.

There will be no news conference at Wrigley Field for Renteria, who will turn 52 on Christmas Day. The former bench coach of the Padres had hip surgery after the regular season ended and is unable to travel.

"It's a tough day for the Padres to lose someone with the knowledge and the energy Ricky brings," San Diego catcher Nick Hundley said. "The city of Chicago is getting a great baseball guy, someone who comes to work each day with the kind of passion and energy that's tough to match.

"When you're dealing with someone on a daily basis, six months during the season, two months in Spring Training, you want to know your boss is going to be consistent and is going to have your back. We have that here with Buddy [Black] and the Cubs will have that with Ricky."

A great baseball guy! Reminds me to post a link to this article I read this morning. 

If “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” makes one insane, then the Seattle Mariners are undies-on-their-head lunatics.

Since 2003, the team has hired five managers. Each was a former professional player with major league coaching experience. None lasted more than three seasons. Each finished in last place at least once. None finished in first. Now the Mariners have hired a manager again. And the man they picked is—I think you can guess—a former professional player with major league coaching experience.

The reported finalists for the job included Ex-Mariner Joey Cora, “a great baseball man,” according to former boss Ozzie Guillen. Also Rick Renteria, an ex-MLB infielder and “tremendous baseball man,” according to former Astros manager Brad Mills. The man who won the job is Lloyd McClendon, a former MLB outfielder and manager. McClendon says of himself: “I’m a baseball man.”

What, you may wonder, is a “baseball man”? It means someone who has a long affiliation with the game and respect for its culture and is a staunch defender of Playing the Game the Right Way™. In other words, an absolute conformist.

The Mariners’ prerequisites weren’t unique. Most baseball managers are “baseball men.”