Offense So Far

Before we show any numbers at all, it must be stated that the numbers are mostly useless, if not entirely useless. It’s a total of 8 games. Small sample size!

That doesn’t mean we can’t show some team numbers just for fun. That’s all it is at this point.

vs. R: 182 PA, .325 wOBA, 94 wRC+ (100 is average)
vs. L: 118, .304, 83
Low Leverage: 126, .232, 38
Medium Leverage: 136, .399, 142
High Leverage: 38, .298, 80
Bases Empty: 161, .305, 85
Men On Base: 139, .331, 97
Men In Scoring: 78 PA, .289, 78
Overall: .315 wOBA, 88 wRC+

We should see the Cubs numbers vs lefties improve considerably while their numbers vs righties will probably drop a little. We’ll also see the other splits get closer to what the overall team offense does.  Overall, I think we’ll see the Cubs stay about where they are right now. Maybe a bit better. Maybe a bit worse. It’s not a very good offense. They can undoubtedly hit lefties and almost certainly will, but hitting righties is going to be a struggle.