OV Pic of the Day: Whoever That Was Hit It Really Hard

This was the sort of game where, if you weren’t a Cubs fan, you would have a hard time believing a team could lose like that to a shitty AAA team like the Astros.  But since we are Cubs fans, this barely even registered on our misery index. 

I don’t know who Bogusevic is (though by just hearing his name, I would have guessed “mid-ranked tennis player” instead of “major league baseball player” as his occupation). I’m also still not sure if I’m spelling Bogusevic correctly and I don’t care enough to look it up.  I also don’t know what Marlon was trying to accomplish by jumping into the wall like that.


What I do know is that he could be twenty feet tall and he wouldn’t have been close to catching it.  Also, the Cubs still suck.


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