OV Roundtable, Part 1

The four of us talked about what’s gone on so far this season on Tuesday night and you can’t even tell which of us wasn’t there.

[mb21] : Should we start with Garza and see where that goes?
[berselius] : We could also talk about Cashner
[AndCounting] : The only thing I can think of is if we have any changes in expectations/projections. But I don’t. (dying laughing)
[mb21] : Cashner/Coleman?
[berselius] : yeah
[mb21] : What are you thoughts on Garza so far?
[Aisle424] : I keep waiting to see the guy that was supposed to dramatically improve our pitching staff.
[berselius] : BABIP BABIP BABIP
[AndCounting] : He’s completely not the pitcher I expected.
[berselius] : Given how strange his overall numbers are I don’t really know what to say
[AndCounting] : Obviously no one thought he’d strike out this many guys.
[Aisle424] : I didn’t think he’d get shelled like this whenever anyone does hit the ball.
[berselius] : I’m not too surprised by the strikeouts
[mb21] : His K/BB numbers are promising, but those too will revert toward his career average.
You’re not surprised by a Marmol-esque strikeout rate from someone who struckout about 7.5 in his career?
[Aisle424] : He DID go from the AL East to the NL Central, MB.
[AndCounting] : It appears Riggins is having a big influence on him. And maybe he’s still working on adjustments in his approach on the mound.
[mb21] : I think if there’s anything that’s good that has come of Garza’s struggles it’s that the expectations for him
have been brought back to earth.
[berselius] : Was that tongue and cheek? I thought Garza was complaining about Riggins
[Aisle424] : With his peripherals, I figure his results will start to come around. Even if he doesn’t keep his FIP in the ones, it should get better
[mb21] : I was looking over his pitch selection and I think AC is right. He’s a completely different pitcher this season
and it’s not worked well so far.
[AndCounting] : Yeah, I think he is complaining. But I don’t think he would be unless he was actually doing what Riggins suggested.
[mb21] : I’m looking for his pitch selection on Texas Leaguers right now.
[berselius] : I keep throwing out the bad small sample size stuff (LD rate) while focusing on the good (K rate)
[AndCounting] : I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I’m curious to see how his next three or four or ten starts go.
[Aisle424] : I’ve never liked him, so I can’t as easily give him the benefit of the doubt, but I’m still hopeful he resembles the guy we were promised.
[berselius] : Of course a lot of those strikeouts were against Pittsburgh
[mb21] : Garza’s pitch selection last year
[AndCounting] : I saw Harry Pavlidis post something that Zambrano didn’t give up a single line drive in his start last night.
Yielded a .181 slugging pct. on balls in play. Great game.
[mb21] : And so far this year
[berselius] : If Z cared, he could have yielded a .161 SLG. *shakes head*
[Aisle424] : And where was the offense he is supposed to bring? (dying laughing)
[mb21] : That was vintage Zambrano last night. He’s so much fun to watch.
[mb21] : What’s Cashner’s role when he returns to the team?
[berselius] : I hope it’s not the pen
[AndCounting] : I smell a bullpen test. Or trial.
[berselius] : But given what the back end of the pen has done that might be it.
[berselius] : I wishcast that they’ll send him back to AAA to knock the rust off. Not pitching for a month will require some bounceback anyway
[Aisle424] : I’d agree, but in 4 weeks the Cubs may be in crisis mode. The Cubs’s schedule gets bad in about 2 weeks.
[AndCounting] : Especially since Wells will be back before Cashner is. If Coleman proves he can start,
they’ll probably take it pretty easy with him.
[mb21] : I think Coleman is more than capable of proving he remains in the rotation and I doubt they want to take him out at that point.
[Aisle424] : I’d be perfectly fine with Cashner going back to AAA where they can build him back up to starter endurance without the pressure of
trying to force this team into unlikely contention whle Coleman keeps the 5th spot.
[mb21] : If the Cubs were ever serious with the Wells to AAA nonsense, then it’s possible we may see a contest between
Wells and Cashner for that final spot in the rotation. I doubt that though.
[AndCounting] : I have no idea what his numbers have been, but my eye test tells me Coleman has been really impressive.
Maybe because my expectations for him are so low.
[berselius] : (dying laughing) , That would be truly Cubsian
[mb21] : Coleman has been impressive. Probably not as impressive as his ERA has been in his career, but he’s a good pitcher.
[berselius] : Honestly the fact that James Russell is in the rotation right now makes me feel like Cashner would be kept as a SP for depth reasons
[mb21] : What happened to the Cubs SP depth?
[berselius] : Just bad luck. Silva never really was “depth”, and three guys got injured at the same time
[AndCounting] : Gorzelanny . . . I miss him. None of this would have happened if we still had Gorz. (dying laughing)
[mb21] : More than 3. Jay Jackson went down, Thomas Diamond did too, didn’t he?
[AndCounting] : And McNutt, right?
[Aisle424] : I hadn’t heard about Diamond, but Jackson and McNutt were both down.  I don’t know what Jackson’s deal is, but McNutt has blisters.
[mb21] : I’m guessing if McNutt had a few good starts to begin the season he’d be getting the next start after this one by Russell,
but that’s not happening now.
[berselius] : I don’t know if they’d want to start that service clock so soon. I doubt he’s on the 40 man either.
[berselius] : Who did I miss? my 3 were Jackson, Wells, and Cashner. I didn’t think McNutt was included on the depth chart
[mb21] : Before they acquired Garza the Cubs had Zambrano, Dempster, Wells, Cashner, Gorzelanny, Silva, Jay Jackson, Thomas Diamond,
Casey Coleman, Chris Archer and Trey McNutt.
[mb21] : McNutt isn’t on the 40-man, but they have 2 spots open.
[Aisle424] : They’re having a hard time replacing Sam Fuld on the 40-man roster (dying laughing)
[berselius] : All of you are forgetting the Legend of David Patton (dying laughing)
[Aisle424] : *head desk*
[mb21] : Considering they called Castro up so soon last year, I don’t think service time would have been a concern with McNutt.
[berselius] : Yeah, but Castro was being called up to stay, and pretty much forced his way onto the roster.