Ricketts interested in Yankees GM Brian Cashman

Dave Van Dyck has an interesting article up this morning.

In fact, according to reliable sources, the Cubs‘ chairman privately was feeling out the postseason availability of Yankees general manager Brian Cashman sometime around the All-Star break, which is when Hendry originally was “fired.”

As I mentioned the other day, any current GM is going to have interest in taking the Cubs job. As a result, it’s highly unlikely any assistant GM will be considered and Ricketts even hinted at that.

While many in Chicago, rightfully so, are focused on the qualifications of White Sox assistant GM Rick Hahn, Ricketts seems to be thinking bigger, as in more experienced.

Asked if he would interview current assistant general managers, Ricketts replied, “I’m not sure yet.

“There’s obviously some good (ones) out there,” he said. “If one of those candidates would have interest, then we would speak to him but …”

Ricketts knows that he can basically have his pick on this one. With Cashman and Andrew Friedman both being free agents, the Cubs can get either one of them. 

He also is looking for someone versed in new-era sabermetrics, even if “it’s just a piece and we’re not running the baseball organization by computer model.”

Sabermetrics should only be a piece. Sabermetrics cannot replace scouting and that is not its purpose. Its best to use it with scouting data to get an even more full picture of what the player has done and what he might do going forward. Having an organization run on sabermetrics alone would be as stupid as having one run on scouting alone. You need both and I’m glad that Ricketts understands that.

I haven’t been a big fan of Ricketts since he took over, but it was always nothing more than a first impression. We can’t evaluate an owner after a year or two. We’re seeing some very positive steps from this organization, which we hadn’t seen for a few years.