Rumor: Dodgers interested in Ryan Dempster and Matt Garza

According to Jon Heyman the Dodgers are the most likely destination for Ryan Dempster and the Dodgers might also be interested in Matt Garza


The Dodgers are talking to the Cubs about acquiring either one of their two coveted starting pitchers, Ryan Dempster or Matt Garza, sources say.

The Dodgers have long been known to be targeting Dempster and are seen as a favorite for him. But it turns out they've had conversations about Garza, as well.

About a month ago we looked at Dempster's trade value. We found he didn't have a lot of trade value (less than a million bucks). It didn't matter if he was traded that day, July 1st or closer to the deadline. He makes quite a bit of money and right now has a higher projected FIP than he did at the time. He's owed $6 million the rest of the way and if the Cubs want a decent prospect in return they'll send most or all of that $6 million. Doing so would give them a surplus trade value of around $6 million for Dempster. It's a lot lower than some fans think, but many of those same fans were back to calling him Dumpster last season. 

The situation is the much the same for Garza. The Cubs would have to send most of the money he's owed this season to get much back. 

Money isn't really a big deal for the Cubs so they won't hesitate to send money in a deal to better their return.