Shocking News That is Shocking: Banks & Williams to Appear at Cubs Convention

I know all of you have been laying awake at night and wondering if you might get a chance to see either Billy Williams or Ernie Banks at the Cubs Convention in January. Sure, they have both been there every other year, and the Cubs never miss an opportunity to trot the 1969 Cubs out to talk about what might have been, but maybe Ernie has had enough and is willing to say the Cubs will be shitty until at least twenty-fifty. Well, fear no more. According to the Cubs Twitter feed:



Thank goodness! Ernie must have come up with something that rhymes with "fourteen."

"The Cubs might not be a poor team in 2014!" Ernie will say it with pizzazz though. 

Now we can go back to wondering whether Ronnie Woo will be there and if Al Yellon will renew his season tickets in the Bleachers again for next year.

As for me, I can confirm that I will probably be at the nearby bar drinking heavily again.


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