Soriano to miss some time and more weather blaming

No word on the MRI for Soriano, but he’s going to miss at least a few days. Blake DeWitt will start in LF in his absence and Paul Sullivan mentions Tyler Colvin and Brett Jackson as potential replacements if he’s out for awhile.

You know how the Cubs have blamed the cold weather all season long? Yeah, now it’s the hot weather.

“The situation with the roster in flux and all the things going on here made it tougher,” Quade said. “To make your debut, pitching in these conditions, is tough here at Wrigley.”

It’s just comical at this point. The Cubs lose because it’s cold and because it’s hot. I guess this team was built to play in 72 degree weather with 8 mph winds.

I’ve heard the Cubs, the managers, and the executives complain about weather before, but I’ve never heard them complain as much as they have this year. It’s embarrassing.