Starlin Castro still confident despite performance and being dropped to 7th

Yesterday Starlin Castro was dropped to 7th in the order because he had pretty much sucked for the last week. He's been pretty sucky at the plate all season for that matter. Despite that suckiness, Castro remains confident he'll get back on track.

"It's a little bit tough in the beginning right now," Castro said. "I know it won't be like that for a year. I've got four months left and hopefully you'll see a difference. I know I can do more than that."

Confidence is good. I don't expect Castro to be this bad, but I do think he has to make some adjustments at the plate. A later comment by him makes me worry though.

"Let's see this month," Castro said. "I'll make it. I can be aggressive, I can be ready. I'll do my best. Good things aren't happening now. I know it's coming."

Aggressive could mean many things, but usually in baseball aggressive means attacking pitches. Here's to hoping that Castro means something else, because the biggest adjustment he needs to make at the plate is to become less aggressive.