Sunday Facepalm

Pike County officials raided a pair of meth labs on Friday night and Saturday morning. Five people from Indiana were arrested when police raided a meth lab. An anonymous tip led police to arrest this woman for making meth. They learned she had bought psuedo 19 times since November of 2010. 

These raids have created 3 new markets for Walter White and Jesse Pinkman to explore. There is gold on those streets. They won't be busted because of any psuedo purchases either. That's so old school. 

Some woman has been accused of selling her baby for a truck and some meth. We know it wasn't the meth made by Walt and Jesse becasue the image shown in in the article is pink. They manufacture only blue meth. Back in the day Jesse used add some chili powder to his, but those days are gone. Blue meth only.

A Mexican cartel operative from the US was arrested. A US report suggests that Mexico should focus on cops and not the military as they battle the cartel. Apparently this is leading to more violence than necessary and the US, the captain of all things violent, thinks they should tone it down. It's believed the US report was written by Saul Goodman.

The fifth and final season of the best show on tv kicks off tonight at 9 pm central. 

Breaking Bad thread on the forum for tonight's episode. Let's try to keep all current season discussion off of the other BB threads so those who haven't seen it can still read those without any spoilers.