Talks at a stalemate, Theo as President only?

Not that we didn’t already know this considering how long the two sides have been at it, but Gordon Edes says the two sides are stalemated though some progress has been made.

There appears to be resolution on at least one issue, according to a baseball source who has spoken with Red Sox officials. As things stand now, Epstein will be permitted to take one prominent member of the Red Sox organization with him to Chicago.

One surprising name that has surfaced, according to the source, is Jonathan Gilula, who would not come from the baseball side but is the executive vice president of business affairs. Gilula, who has been in MLB for 14 seasons and with the Red Sox for nine, played a major role in the renovations, remodeling and expansion of Fenway Park, and with the Cubs looking to do the same with Wrigley Field, Epstein might invite Gilula to join him in Chicago.

Trainer Mike Reinold, whose importance to the Red Sox goes beyond the major league clubhouse, may also be in play, the source said. The Boston Herald first raised the possibility that Reinold might join Epstein in Chicago.

Edes also says there may be truth to the Theo as president and someone else as the GM. We briefly discussed this in the last thread and whatever. I’ll just be happy to have Theo running the baseball operations and it doesn’t much matter in what capacity that is. However, do the Cubs really want to give up anything (I mean anything!) to get Theo for that role when they could hire him in one year? They could hire their new GM now. Surely Ricketts would already have a good idea who Theo has in mind so the Cubs could go after him as the GM and then sign Theo after his contract expires in Boston.

If the Cubs are hiring Theo as team president and also hiring a new GM, I’d prefer the Cubs wait a year to hire Theo and keep their prospects. Hoyer would require compensation so I’d stay away from that. Byrnes probably would not, or at least it would be far less than either Theo or Hoyer so that would be my choice.