The Children Are The Future- Cubs Minor League Update Sponsored by RedLobster


Brett Jackson drew a pair of walks got a double and stole a base as he continues his impressive minor league career. Right now Jackson is sporting the kind of line that you would expect-mid range batting average, some power, some walks, lots of k's and some stolen bases. Despite all the experts saying he still has work to do I'm not sure what it would be at this point. He is who he is and compared to what we have in CF right now thats good enough. Personal favorite Jeff Beliveau worked 2 scoreless innings and I'm betting we see him up north as well before this year is out. 


The Smokies were dominated by Brewer prospect Taylor Thornburg last night but then again they have perhaps the worst lineup in minor league baseball so thats not saying much. Trey McNutt must be secretly doing his bullpen test disguised as starting as once again he couldn't get past the 4th inning. McNutt has had 3 starts now totally 11 IP. And he has walked 7 in those innings. Convert this guy to a RP and get it over with.


Spellcheck Jr finally broke out last night collecting 4 hits in 5 AB's. Despite a low batting average and almost no power so far Szzrzr is showing good patience at the plate and it will be interesting to see if he can force a mid season promotion to AA.


Today's Who The Fuck Are They Non Prospect is Ryan Cueno who for some reason still has a job. Despite being old for the level and not good Mr. Cueno hit a pair of home runs to help Peoria win. I'm sure last night will always be a fond memory to the future slow pitch softball star of Freehold NJ. In prospect related news Michael Jensen continues to impress giving up 1 ER and striking out 5 in 6 innings of work. I still don't have a report on what Jensen throws but whatever it is it seems to be working so far this year. 


Javier Baez hit for the cycle as he continues to mash his Cub teammates pitching down in AZ. Alot of people were surprised he didn't get the call to Peoria but the Cubs are working on his swing (and hopefully his twitter etiquette) and will send him to Boise in June.