The Crosstown Claszzzzzzzzzzz…….

The Cubs play the Sox tonight! Do you know how excited I was about that?  I only knew because I saw Carlos Zambrano was available in my fantasy league and I saw his next start was against the White Sox tonight. Oh boy! Pointless manufactured drama!  The battle for a made-up corporately sponsored trophy that may or may not actually contain oil! 


Remind me to set my DVR to record the game on WGN!  It’s not on WGN?  Of course, silly me.  It must be a special Monday Night national game on ESPN.  No?  No ESPN?  How about the MLB Network? No.  It’s just on regular old CSN Chicago?  Oh, it’s not on CSN?  Well then, what the hell channel could it possibly be… wait… it’s on WCIU?  This clash of the titans is sandwiched between some Tyler Perry crap I’ve never heard of and The King of Queens, which I wish I had never heard of? The tension is palpable.

Joe Cowley seems pretty excited about it:

Of course, it has been a big week for Cubs manager Mike Quade and the boys because this is their fall, this is their playoffs.

Why put a competitive team together that can play exciting games into October when they can wheel this carcass of a club out there for some excitement in June, get it out of the way now, then get back to the business of preparing for the dark days coming to the North Side.

Really, Joe?  This is our playoffs?  A series against a team with almost as much dead money on it as our own is the highlight of our season?  A series against a team with the fifth worst record in the American League is our playoffs?  

Maybe you were distracted by a thing, Joe, so perhaps you may not have noticed that the Cubs just played the New York Yankees.  They played the Red Sox back in May.  This is so NOT the Cubs’ playoffs. It probably is for the White Sox, though. Or maybe you’re just-concluded series against the Diamondbacks was.  I don’t know.  I don’t really give a damn.

I hardly know any Cubs fans who give this series any more thought or importance than a series against the Brewers.  Is there anything left for this series to offer us this year?

Is Ozzie going to say something inflammatory?  Been there.

Is Zambrano going to stage a nutty that completely negates the popularity he built up from his “We stinks” comment? Done that.

I don’t even know who on the White Sox I’m supposed to hate.  Konerko?  Buerhle?   I guess, Pierzynski, but that’s kind of a given and hardly unique to this series.  I don’t even get to enjoy hating Bobby Jenks’ fat, hillbilly ass this year.

I honestly don’t see what there is to get worked up about in this series on either side of town.

I didn’t even pick up Zambrano for my fantasy team.


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