The hunt for a new GM

Shortly after Jim Hendry was fired I wrote about why every big name GM, current or not, is a candidate for the Cubs job. If they are, so is everybody else. The reason I wrote that is that the GM who wins a World Series with the Cubs is going to be the most popular GM in history. He can name his price to the Cubs or any other team after that.

Phil Rogers has an article up about how Ricketts is going to wait until the season is over for the big name free agents before making any decisions. He also has some interesting things to say about Ricketts, as well as some quotes from others.

Theo Epstein is bored in Boston. Brian Cashman tires of having Yankees President Randy Levine and two Steinbrenner brothers tell him what to do.

That’s what Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts is hearing when he asks about the possibility of bringing Epstein or Cashman to Chicago. Along with the chance to explore the interest of the Rays’ Andrew Friedman and possibly the A’s Billy Beane, it’s why the Cubs’ search for a general manager is ambling along, no end in sight.

There’s certainly no reason to hurry and I’m glad to hear that Ricketts won’t be doing that.

“People in baseball talk about it like it’s the Holy Grail right now,” one major league executive said. “You have a chance to break a curse that’s longer

It is the Holy Grail. Right now, the best job in baseball is the next GM of the Chicago Cubs. It’s why people close to Theo think he’s interested. It’s why the Cubs are targeting the best GMs in the game. They know they have the best job in baseball to offer and almost any GM would leave behind his current job for the position.