There Have Been Worse Ideas

It has been suggested on other parts of the interwebs by someone we’ll refer to as A. Yellon… no… that’s too obvious.  We’ll call him Alvin Y.  Anyway, he suggested that the Cubs need to think outside the box and just let Kerry Wood start as the 5th starter until either Cashner or Wells returns.  I swear I am not making this up.

Now, many people have been criticizing this as the worst idea that man has ever had and that is just not fair to Alvin.  I have taken the liberty of compiling a complete list of ideas that were worse than Alvin’s:

  1. Invading Russia in the winter
  2. Ishtar
  3. New Coke campaign
  4. Ordering a break-in at the Watergate
  5. Leaving Cheers to do movies
  6. Picking Sam Bowie ahead of Michael Jordan
  7. The Edsel
  8. Making Greedo shoot first
  9. The ideas mentioned here:

10. Buying the Cubs for $850 million when the stadium needs $500 million in repairs in a down economy.

That is all.



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