Those Six Pack Plans Apparently Didn’t Sell Very Well

One of my buddies who also gave up his season tickets in Aisle 424 this offseason sent me a message the other day:

“The Cubs still have tickets for the Friday game against the Yankees. Good seats. Interested in playing hooky from work and going?”

I thought it was interesting that there were tickets available for a series that Wally Hayward had assured us would not be available when single game tickets went on sale in February.  The Cubs sold about 26,000 season tickets, then they had the advanced sale for people on the waiting list, then they packaged a 13-game pack around the “hot” series like the Yankees.  As I mentioned back in January:

The unfortunate thing for the Cubs is that they had originally thought we would buy twelve lame tickets in order to see one good game, but it seems there was a slight miscalculation, and thus the Six Pack plans are born.

So they started selling those 6-Game Packs (thus insulting their best customers who had already bought the 13-pack), then they had the 20% reverse sale the day before the single game seats went for face.  And they have had about four months of days where anybody could buy single game seats for any game at any time.

But, apparently Yankees seats are still available.  After getting that message, I thought I’d check to see what sorts of seats were available.  Not that I didn’t trust my friend’s definition of “good,” but I thought maybe he meant good like they weren’t directly behind a pole. So I went over to the Cubs website and looked for two seats for best available.

That’s not too bad. It’s not Aisle 424, but Upper Deck Box for a game that was supposed to be so unattainable is a pretty damn good find. So I got curious what else was available.  I checked to see if I could get four together anywhere:

Huh… so I only have to move back one row if I want to have a group of four for this totally awesome clash between the leagues that has been hyped on billboards on the expressways for months.  This is getting weird.  I wonder if I could get 8 together.  That would be an outing.  Me and seven good buddies hanging at an elite event like this, that can’t be possible, right?

Well, we’d have to move a whole THREE rows back from where we were if there were only four of us.  But let’s go all out and try to get the maximum number of seats possible that the Cubs website will allow.  Let’s get NINETEEN tickets and see what happens.

Holy. Shit.  Not only can I buy 19 seats to a Cubs/Yankees game at Wrigley less than a week before it happens, I can get 19 of the supposedly most popular seats the stadium has to offer!  After all this time and effort, the Cubs aren’t even sold out in the bleachers?! It’s even Andrew Cashner Bobblehead Day!  The arms fall off at the shoulder and everything! (Not really.) (As far as I know.)

How does Tom Ricketts walk around with a smile on his face?  This is unbelievable.  It’s like people KNEW Doug Davis was going to be starting this game.  Mike Quade probably let the cat out of the bag about that back in January or something.

I know what you’re saying.  “But Tim, it’s the Friday game.  People work on Fridays.  They can’t be flitting off all willy-nilly to Cubs games in the middle of the work week.”

OK, fair point.  Let’s look at the other games.

On Saturday, I could not get anything more than two together.  But the fact that I could even get two tickets to the most anticipated and hyped game in the entire season is pretty shocking.  But check out where they are located:

The fucking BLEACHERS!  On SATURDAY! Did I mention it was against the YANKEES?! And they are giving away a TOTE BAG.  OK, that sucks, but the other stuff was supposed to sell these tickets instantaneously.  That’s what Wally said and Wally would never lie about something like ticket demand would he?

What have we got for Sunday?  Well, if we want 2:

If we want 4:

If we want 8:

Or if we want the full 19:

Pack your baloney sandwiches!  We are heading to the bleachers!

So what the hell is going on here? My guess is the Cubs have just recently released all the tickets for this series they were holding aside to include in those 13 and 6-Pack ticket plans because they didn’t sell like they hoped.

So if you want to go to the Yankees series to watch the Cubs get absolutely pummeled or to potentially see Derek Jeter get his 3,000th hit, don’t buy from deluded people on StubHub:

There are already a few deals for below face on StubHub, and if nothing else, you can get them for face value from the Cubs.

See you at Wrigley!  Or not!


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