Today in cognitive dissonance

Brad at Cubs Stats and Tom Loxas at Cubs Den both put up interesting posts today discussing criticism (and merit thereof) of the Theo Epstein/Jed Hoyer era. They're both great reads, and were prompted by Notorious Douchebag Paul Sullivan's appearance on Chicago Tribune Live the other day. They made many good points about looking at the long term plan but my brain lasered in on this:

Sullivan claimed the Cubs pushed Carlos Zambrano too quickly out the door to appease media pressure and could have gotten more at this point for him.

Seriously, Paul Sullivan? This coming from the guy who has spent years sticking a knife in Zambrano's back? Just a few examples from over the years, lest we forget:

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And those are just the ones with Z, let a long favorite whipping boy Milton Bradley. No one in the Cubs front office has done as much to damage Carlos Zambrano's value as Paul Sullivan.


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