Trade Deadline Rumors (Rangers acquired Dempster???, Russell, Garza, Camp, Baker, Webster, BJ Upton, Hope Monster, Buster Olney’s twitter account, Soriano staying put)

This was posted earlier. Updates will be added for the next few hours (scroll down).

According to Jon Heyman, Ryan Dempster has been traded to the Dodgers. More to come if it's confirmed.

Dodgers getting Dempster… dotting of i's and crossing of t's being worked on……

— JIM BOWDEN (@JimBowdenESPNxm) July 31, 2012

Still no word on whether it's official or who may be coming to the Cubs, but I'm sure Dempster will be traded to the Dodgers at some point today. 

UPDATE 1CBS Sports is reporting that the Cubs are still shopping Matt Garza

UPDATE 2: On twitter there are rumors that this could be a larger deal and some are suggesting James Russell could be included. 

If Dempster to Dodgers is multi-player package, James Russell might be another guy on the move.

— Kevin Goldstein (@Kevin_Goldstein) July 31, 2012

UPDATE 3George Offman confirms the deal is close and includes more than just Dempster.

UPDATE 4: Phil Rogers reportedly said on MLB Network that the Cubs really want Allen Webster.

UPDATE 5: Phil Rogers, who is normally full of shit, suggests that not only Dempster and Russell, but Shawn Camp, Jeff Baker and maybe even prospects could be included)

UPDATE 6: Kevin Goldstein tweets that the Cubs really want Webster and are trying to add to the package to get him.

UPDATE 7: Jayson Stark said that it looked like Garza would be traded today. Nick Cafardo agrees.

UPDATE 8: Buster Olney says the Diamondbacks are working hard to acquire an ace and that a Justin Upton and Matt Garza trade makes some sense. Holy shit. 

Justin Upton does have the Cubs on his no-trade list so there's that issue to work out. 

UPDATE 9: Yankees are talking to the Cubs, but no financials have been discussed and the Cubs would have to send money. 

UPDATE: 10: Dodgers are looking at other pitchers than Dempster.

UPDATE 11: Bruce Levine tweets that Dempster told him he'd accept a trade to the Yankees and Rangers along with the Dodgers.

Cubs are reportedly talking with one other team besides the Dodgers.

UPDATE 12: Who flinches first? Dodgers or Cubs? I'm going with Cubs. 

UPDATE 13: Muskat says that Casey Coleman maybe in the clubhouse warming up in case Dempster is traded. He might be. He might not be. It could go either way.

UPDATE 14: Alfonso Soriano is desperate to get out of Chicago. Here's what MLBTR has on him today:

Alfonso Soriano has provided the Cubs with a list of teams to which he would accept a trade, Bob Nightengale of USA Today reports (on Twitter). The Giants aren’t on it. Soriano was interested in waiving his no-trade clause to join the Dodgers, Ken Davidoff of the New York Post reports (on Twitter). However, the Shane Victorinotrade likely reduces Los Angeles' interest in Soriano.

Now you know. 

UPDATE 15: There's just a little over 1 hour until the deadline. We might hear about a completed deal after the deadline, but we should know everything within 90 minutes. 

UPDATE 16: One of my favorite blogs, RLYW, briefly talks about Dempster and he doesn't see any need for the Yankees to acquire him. 

I don’t see Dempster filling a need, but it doesn’t hurt the Yankees to pretend they’re involved if only to make the price for Texas a bit steeper.  Anyway, I think Dempster is a non-issue but we can use this entry for general trade deadline discussion.

SG is a pretty smart guy and I imagine a lot of Yankees fans feel this way. 

UPDATE 17: Nothing new, which really isn't an update, but what the hell?

UPDATE 18: Kaplan says the Cubs have several balls in the air. 

UPDATE 19: Cubs and Tigers are trying to work out a deal for Soriano, but it's unlikely to happen today. A trade is August is possible.

UPDATE 20: It appears the Dodgers are out on Dempster, which would leave only the Yankees.

UPDATE 21: Soriano is staying put for at least this week.

UPDATE 22: Heyman says the Yankees may have acquired Dempster. They may not have too. 

UPDATE 23: Heyman says that Buster Olney says that the Rangers acquired Dempster.