Welcome Back, Welington?

So here we all were, basking in the glory of defeating Roy Halladay and minding our own business, and suddenly the Cubs Twitterverse is abuzz about a tweet.  The tweet causing the commotion is from Enrique Rojas:

Of course, nobody on the Cubs beat has said anything about it.

A few Cubs blogs have re-tweeted it and Kevin Goldstein is shocked:

So what are the possibilities?

1)  There is a Soto trade about to be completed.

​There have been rumors about the Rays being interested in Soto since their catchers have been practically useless, so it's possible. But there really hasn't been anything lately. Alvin would claim that is a sign it is true because only trades that nobody sees coming are the the ones that get done.

2) Soto or Clevenger is hurt.

Anything is possible with this new tight-lipped front office, but Soto played all night and didn't seem to be having any problems out there. Clevenger did not appear in the game tonight and there has been no mention of any injury to him after the Cardinals series.

3) Enrique Rojas is full of shit.

Goldstein seems to be taking the tweet at face value and claims Rojas is as good as it gets, but something like this going uncorroborated for such a long time (Twitter-wise) is odd.

4) Welington threatened to "accidentally" stab Brett Jackson or Anthony Rizzo if he wasn't called up.

Let's face it, the man does have a history.

We are probably going to have to take a wait-and-see approach.


Sullivan wins the race to figure out what the hell was going on. Do you believe in miracles? Yes!


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