Wood to the DL, Dempster had an MRI, Sveum concerned about lack of home runs

I really don't know why this is news at this point, but Kerry Wood has returned to his home on the disabled list. Here's a news headline for you: Kerry Wood is healthy. Seriously, it's like his 97th time on the DL. Below is a pie chart showing the amount of time Wood has spent "healthy" compared to days on the DL since 2001.

I'll leave it to you to figure out which porition is which. I should also add that the days on the DL does not include 1999 when he missed the entire season. It also does not include the day to day stuff that has sidelined him for a week here and a week there.

Also on the injury front, Ryan Dempster had an MRI on his quad and the results aren't yet known. He may miss his Sunday start and he may even join Wood on the DL. While Dempster has been on the DL before, it will be nice for him to to have Wood there so he can show him around.

Dale Sveum is just a bit concerned about the Cubs lack of power.

"The record is what bothers you," Sveum said. "Being out of a couple games in St. Louis. Not swinging the bats after the first game in St. Louis with runners in scoring position. Driving the ball. Slugging percentage. We need to drive the ball out of the ballpark to score some runs."

Sveum is going to spend a lot of time as Cubs manager being concerned.