A few things that don’t make sense

Carl Crawford and a prospect to the Marlins for Hanley Ramirez and Heath Bell is something that Bob NIghtengale is suggesting is in the works that doesn't make the least bit of sense. Carl Crawford, a truckload of money and all the Red Sox prospects for Hanley Ramirez makes sense, but other than that this is just ridiculous.

I've read several times over the past few days that the Cubs really really want to trade Ryan Dempster so that they can focus on trading Matt Garza. This sounds as absurd as the Crawford/Hanley trade proposal. Can the Cubs not chew gum and spit at the same time? They have to trade one to work on trading another. It's like a check list? One down. Now we can move on and talk about another player. Can't talk trade about more than one player at a time. What the fuck? Obviously this is bullshit, but why do people keep saying this? 

The Kansas City Royals inquired about Matt Garza. Obviously the Royals were told that the Cubs had to first trade Ryan Dempster before they could talk Garza trade. No, seriously, why the hell would the Royals want Matt Garza? 

This ad in the local paper doesn't seem right.