About Nothing In Particular

The all-star game was last night. We heard a lot from former players about how it’s a disgrace to not go to the game if you’re chosen. The game isn’t the same as it once was and people’s priorities aren’t the same either. If someone does’t want to go play a practice game then so be it. I don’t know why it matters.

Speaking of the all-star game, it’s that time of the year when we hear about everything that is wrong with it. Oddly enough these are from the people who still watch the damn thing so apparently there’s no so much wrong with it. The all-star game, as Dusty Baker might say, is what it is. It’s a silly game that decides home field advantage in the World Series. I get that. I don’t like it, but I also don’t care at this point. It doesn’t bother the players and they agreed to it so why should I care? Why should you care?

We see regular lists of who got snubbed, but once again, that’s something the players have agreed to. One player from each team must be represented and as long as the players agreed to that, I don’t care who gets snubbed. Their fault, their problem. Not mine, not your’s.

We also see lists of players who are the opposite of all-stars. Seems mean spirited to me and I’m a fucking asshole. Koyie Hill isn’t good at baseball. We know it and I’m sure he knows it, but I see no reason to single out the worst players in baseball just because it seems like a fun exercise.

Realignment or no realignment? Don’t really care about that either. If it happens, it happens. I assume the Cubs will still be on WGN and CSN so it doesn’t matter to me. I have my preferences, but again, the players agreed to the current system so it’s their fault if there’s something wrong with it.

Instant replay as it is or more? I’d like more, but once again, the players and owners have their say so if they don’t want more, I’m fine with it. It’s their game. Not mine. I’m just a spectator who enjoys the entertainment.

Went to a movie recently and there was some ad about telling us to follow @BurgerKing on twitter. Thought to myself that there had to be only 3 or 4 followers, but got home and looked and more than 15,000 follow the fast food burger joint with a creepy dude on commercials on twitter. I have no idea why.

College football season is around the corner. Wisconsin is going to win the Big Ten as they beat Nebraska in the first Big Ten Championship game.

Breaking Bad’s 4th season kicks off on Sunday. If you haven’t watched Breaking Bad yet, do it now. Right now. Quit your job, go get the DVDs and go home and watch it. It’s that good.

The Cubs get to play more bad baseball in the second half of the season starting tomorrow. They’d really have to try to catch the Astros for the top overall pick. Knowing the Cubs, they’ll win 17 of 20 at some point and end up with the 10th pick.

Does Facebook have a Dislike button? It should.

Committment to Excellence is a Registered Trademark of the Oakland Raiders. The Cubs should trademark Committment to Mediocrity.

To be precise, 15,619 people follow @BurgerKing. 152,000+ follow McDonalds. I’ll bet everything you own that all 15,619 followers of @BurgerKing also follow @McDonalds. @Hardees has only 8029 followers. They follow almost 8000 people. Why would Hardees follow 8000 people?

@CTrotters (Charlie Trotter’s) doesn’t even have 2500 followers. For every person who follows @CTrotters, 69 follow @McDonalds. Something obviously went wrong somewhere along the way.

Over 7 million like Taco Bell on Facebook. Only 2656 like Charlie Trotter’s.

What does this prove? Americans eat and enjoy really shitty food and mostly despise the good stuff.

I didn’t even know the Cubs had a facebook page, but a little more than 1.3 million like it. A little more than twice as many like the Red Sox facebook page. 4.2 million like the Yankees.

We were talking about how Starlin Castro doesn’t steal bases yesterday and then last night he stole two in a row. Asshole.

Facebook should also have a Meh button.

111 times this baseball season a batter has been a triple shy of the cycle. There have been 101 days of baseball and it’s happened more than once per day on average. It’s that common. Only 37 days have passed with a game this year in which a player wasn’t a triple shy of the cycle. 63.4% of all dates have at least one game where that happened. Stop telling us that’s a big deal.

Since 2000 it’s happened over 3000 times.

How come we never hear about a home run shy of the cycle? It’s happened 2400 fewer times since 2000 than the triple shy of the cycle has happened. This year it’s happened 22 times. The single shy of the cycle has happened only 7 times this year. Double shy has happened 10 times.

If an announcer is going to tell us a batter is shy of something, tell us when he’s a single shy of the cycle. That doesn’t happen very often. Neither does lacking the double. Lacking the triple happens all the time.