Contest down to 4

UPDATE: Megan is also still alive.

Everyone who entered a prediction to win an Obstructed View shirt has been eliminated with the exception of Suburban Kid, ACT and jherky. Let’s go over the possibilities.

If the Cubs win, jherky wins. If they don’t, he’s out.

If they lose today then it goes to the first tiebreaker between SK and ACT. SK had the Cubs scoring 104 runs. They’ve scored 103. In order for ACT to win, he needs the Cubs to score 9 runs or more today. He’ll lose the 2nd tiebreaker so he has to win on the 1st one. SK predicted 142 runs allowed and so far they’ve allowed 136. ACT predicted 160 runs allowed.

Unless the Cubs have an offensive game today, it’s really down to SK and jherky. ACT needs them to lose while scoring a shitload of runs.